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hello, i am brittany ouzts

With a tendency to look at the world a bit differently, I find myself observing beauty in things often times ignored by others, so naturally art became my "thing".


I discovered my passion for photography in the high school dark room - picking up a camera and never putting it back down. Design came a bit later in life - what started as a basic need for photo manipulation turned into a full-blown passion for editorial and print design.


Over the years, I’ve found that being a good “designer” is so much more than the skill and knowledge of design programs. It’s being able to translate words, feelings and expression into a design piece. I pride myself in being a visual problem solver - taking written and spoken word and turning them into a work of art that conveys emotion and meaning.


I look forward to partnering with you to create the perfect visuals to portray your brand.

what people say

Brittany did a wonderful job. I appreciate "above and beyond" work and thought you might want to acknowledge Brittany. 


Real Estate Broker

I know doing things for me isn’t super easy because I’m very picky and my creative side tends to run wild sometimes but THANK YOU for allowing all the changes and making it all work!  Brittany has been very easy to work with so now I just have to sell the house!  


Real Estate Broker

published / featured work: avid lifestylebusiness den, colorado avid golfercolorado homes magazine, concierge auctions, denver post, kentwood gallery magazine, uncover colorado, westword, zillow's seattle headquarters

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